Application Form and Processes:

1- As per the Law No. 1-4982 on Access to Information, all applications made to the web site of the University and the Documents and Archive Unit shall be submitted to the Information Unit by means of an information received by the Document and Archive Unit.

a) The applications for obtaining information from the web page of our university are made by the Information Staff.

b) If there are missing documents or information in the application; before completion of the application, the applicant is asked to complete the deficiencies.

c) Time to answer applications; starts with the moment the application arrives at the system.

2-Evaluation and response time of the applications; is carried out within the framework of the relevant Law and Regulation.

a) Law on the Right to Information No. 4982

b) Implementing Regulation on Principles and Procedures for the Application of the Right to Information Law

c) The deadline for applications is 15 (fifteen) working days.

d) In the preparation stage of the requested documents, the process can be extended to 30 (thirty) business days, in which case the person is informed in writing.

3. Regarding the application petition; The correspondence process with the relevant unit is initiated and a certified copy of all relevant information and documents is requested.

a) According to all correspondence topics; The Rector is signed by the Vice Rectors and the Secretary General.

b) According to the General Communiqué on Access to Information and Documents that was publıshed at the 14.02.2006, applications for more than 10 pages are charged.

c) The documents coming from the relevant unit are prepared and notified to the applicant under the Law.